1. Category Based Classification Tool

  2. Topic Detection Based on Dbscan Martingale

  3. Multimedia Retrieval Framework Based on Multimodal Fusion

  4. Verge

    VERGE is a hybrid interactive video retrieval system, which is capable of searching into video content by integrating different search modules that employ visual and textual-based techniques

  5. Iknow

    Ontology-based framework for human activity recognition in pervasive multisensor environments

  6. Synthetic ADL

    An RDF data generation tool for synthetic Activities of Daily Living

  7. Socially Interlinked and Multimedia Enriched Object

    Socially interconnected/interlinked and multimedia-enriched objects: A model for representing multimedia content in the context of the Web and Social Media

  8. Graphdb Benchmarks

    Performance benchmark between popular graph databases

  9. Multimedia Geotagging

    Contains the implementation of algorithms that estimate the geographic location of media content based on their content and metadata

  10. Mmdemo Dockerized

    A set of services for monitoring of multiple social media platforms based on Docker

  11. Stream Manager

    Monitors a set of social streams (e.g. Twitter status updates) and collects the incoming content

  12. SSVEP EEG Processing Toolbox

    Matlab code for proccesing EEG signals

  13. ARCTE

    Multilabel User Classification Using the Community Structure of Online Networks

  14. InVID Tools

    The InVID tools are of interest for the task of video verification

  15. SVM-GSU

    Support Vector Machine with Gaussian Sample Uncertainty (SVM-GSU) is a maximum margin classifier that deals with uncertainty in data input

  16. On-line service for video fragmentation and reverse image search

    This experimental service allows the user to extract a set of representative keyframes from a video, and to use these keyframes for performing reverse image search with the help of the Google Image Search functionality

  17. easIE

    An easy-to-use Information Extraction Framework for CSR data

  18. REVEAL Tools

    The REVEAL tools are of interest for a number of applications related to news mining, social media retrieval and verification

  19. Active Learning

    Active learning is a machine learning variant that opts to overcome the problem of gathering a training corpus due to the need for manual annotation

  20. MusioAR

    Innovative experience for museums through 3D objects and visual recognition

  21. SemaDrift: Measure Semantic Drift in Ontologies

    An active field of research, aiming to identify and measure changes in ontologies across time and versions

  22. PROPheT Ontology Populator

    PROPheT is a novel application that enables instance extraction and ontology population from Linked Data, using a user-friendly graphical user interface

  23. AKSDA

    Accelerated Kernel Subclass Discriminant Analysis and SVM combination

  24. IAQ

    Image Aesthetic Quality assessment tool: A Matlab implementation of the feature extraction process of the Image Aesthetic Quality assessment method

  25. LiFR

    LiFR, previously known as f-PocketKRHyper after the crisp reasoner it has extended'

  26. Video Shot and Scene Segmentation

    A tool for automatic temporal segmentation of videos into shots and scenes

  27. Performance Prediction

    Trains a model for predicting the performance gain of a bootstrapping process prior to actually applying it using two features; the baseline classifier's maturity and the oracle's reliability

  28. GPU-accelerated LIBSVM

    LIBSVM Accelerated with GPU using the CUDA Framework

  29. f-PocketKRHyper

    A fuzzy semantic reasoner employed to perform content and concept filtering based on semantic descriptions of a user profile and content items

  30. Linked Profiler

    LinkedTV's personalisation and contextualisation services involve capturing, learning and creating semantic user profiles implicitly based on the user's online behaviour with networked media

  31. Topic Detection Framework

    Java implementations of various topic detection methods

  32. Environmental Data Storage and Retrieval Service

    The Environmental Data Storage and Retrieval Service is a software, which supports storage, spatiotemporal indexing and retrieval of environmental information as this is provided by nodes that contain environmental measurements

  33. CERTH @ MediaEval 2012 SED Tool

    Social Event Detection (SED) in tagged photo collections

  34. Tag community detection and recommendation

    A Java project for community detection and recommendation

  35. DED - Video Scene Segmentation Evaluation Tool

    This is an implementation of the Differential Edit Distance (DED) metric, a unidimensional measure that has been developed to evaluate video scenes segmentation results.

  36. CERTH @ MediaEval 2011 SED Tool

    Social Event Detection (SED) in tagged photo collections

  37. Segmentation Tool

    Segmentation utility - internal use only.

  1. hackAIR Ontologies

    hackAIR ontologies consists of three interconnected sub-ontologies, a) hackAIR TBox, b) hackAIR ABox and c) hackAIR SPIN

  2. PERICLES Ontologies and Related Resources

    Ontologies and related resources created within the PERICLES FP7 project

  3. LUMO

    The LinkedTV User Model Ontology

  4. BOEMIE Ontologies

    Within the BOEMIE project, and in collaboration with the Image, Video and Multimedia Laboratory (IVML) of NTUA, an OWL-DL ontology-based framework has been developed to support the synergistic utilization of semantics extraction from multimedia and ontology evolution in a bootstrapping process

  5. MESH Ontologies

    An Ontology Infrastructure for multimedia news analysis and representation

  6. PATExpert Ontologies

    A Semantic Representation Framework for Patents

  1. EEG SSVEP Datasets

    MAMEM EEG SSVEP Datasets

  2. Annotated dataset for sub-shot segmentation evaluation

    This dataset was created for evaluating the performance of the developed motion-driven approach for fine-grained temporal segmentation of user-generated videos

  3. Improving Diversity in Image Search via Supervised Relevance Scoring (Dataset)

    MediaEval 2014 Retrieving Diverse Social Images dataset that we used in our experiments

  4. Query-based Topic Detection Dataset

    The dataset contains a collection of text documents that were retrieved for the evaluation of the topic detection framework, developed within the MULTISENSOR project

  5. The CERTH-ITI-VAQ700 dataset

    A comprehensive video dataset for the problem of aesthetic quality assessment consisting of user-created videos capturing moments of everyday life, such as excursions, school concerts, and training processes

  6. The Wild Web tampered image dataset

    A very large collection of forgeries collected from various Web and social media sources, accompanied by ground truth binary masks localizing the forgery, and by the image sources that were used to perform the forgery, wherever these are avaiable.

  7. The VLAD-VGG-YFCC Dataset

    A set of state-of-the-art features associated with the images of the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons (YFCC) dataset

  8. Event-oriented sentiment-annotated Twitter datasets

    EventSense datasets: two datasets from Twitter collected around the 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival (#tiff53) and the 14th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (#tdf14)

  9. Visual features and search index for Flickr 100M corpus

    A visual search index for the Yahoo! corpus of 100M CC-licensed images (and videos)

  10. EU Elections 2014 Prediction dataset

    The dataset used in (Tsakalidis et al., 2015) on predicting election results using twitter and polls. The dataset contains the ids of the tweets and the poll data used to build the prediction models

  11. Social Event Detection 2014 (SED 2014) dataset

    Dataset, challenge definitions, ground truth challenge results and corresponding evaluation script that were created and used in the 2014 edition of the Social Event Detection (SED) task of the MediaEval benchmarking activity

  12. Social Event Detection 2013 (SED 2013) dataset

    Dataset, challenge definitions, ground truth challenge results and corresponding evaluation script that were created and used in the 2013 edition of the Social Event Detection (SED) task of the MediaEval benchmarking activity

  13. Web News Article Dataset

    Three datasets with annotated 'News Articles' web pages

  14. CERTH Image Blur Dataset

    A comprehensive image dataset consisting of undistorted, naturally-blurred and artificially-blurred images for image quality assessment purposes

  15. Heatmap Datasets

    Heatmaps are graphical representations of matrix data with colors and comprise the most common presentation format of air quality and pollen concentration forecasts.

  16. Social Event Detection 2012 (SED 2012) dataset

    Dataset, challenge definitions, ground truth challenge results and corresponding evaluation script that were created and used in the 2012 edition of the Social Event Detection (SED) task of the international benchmarking activity

  17. Semantic Video Analysis Evaluation Framework

    Aim of this framework is to provide a test bed for the evaluation of semantic video analysis approaches

  18. Patent Image Databases

    The dataset contains 2000 patent images extracted from patent documents provided by the European Patent Office (EPO)

  19. Spatial Context Evaluation Framework

    Aim of this framework is the investigation of the behavior and the resulting performance of different spatial context exploitation techniques for different combinations of classifiers and low-level features

  20. Repository

    Existing repository of MKLab including project information, various multimedia collections, software and other related resources

  1. On Line Video Analysis Service

    This experimental service lets you submit videos in various formats and perform visual analysis algorithms on them: shot segmentation, scene segmentation and visual concept detection

  2. Hackair Social Media Monitoring

    Hackair Social Media Monitoring (password protected)

  3. Media Verification Assistant

    Helps to analyse the veracity of online media

  4. PatMedia

    A patent image search engine

  5. Activity Areas from kurtosis-based processing

    This work focuses on extracting binary masks that indicate which pixels in a video are active by statistical processing of inter-frame illumination variations

  6. SVM-based Classification Framework

    Associating Images with High-Level Semantic Concepts

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