Our FastAR Prototype short-listed for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016

FartAR prototype developed by our lab in the context of the Live+Gov EU-funded proejct has been short-listed for the Innovation Radar Prize 2016. Our innovation is one of 10 innovations that have been selected to compete for the prize in the "ICT for Society" category. After publishing the information of all innovations on the Innovation Radar webpage, a poll will be open for one month by end of July, for public vote. Following this step, 4 innovators (per category) will be selected to come to Bratislava, where a jury (panel of experts from investment, innovation, accelerator sectors...) will select the winners, after a pitching session. The award ceremony will take place in Bratislava during the ICT Proposers Day event.

FastAR is a software component capable of transforming Joomla based websites into AR-channels compatible with the most popular augmented reality browsers (i.e. Junaio, Layar, Wikitude). FastAR exploits the consistency of the data structure across multiple sites that have been developed using the same content management system, so as to automate the transformation process of an internet website to an augmented reality channel. The proposed component abstracts all related programming tasks and significantly reduces the time required to generate and publish AR-content, making the entire process manageable by non-experts. More information can be found in FastAR’s web and facebook pages.