Succesful participation of CERTH-ITI in interactive known-item video search of TRECVID 2012

CERTH-ITI participated to the Known-Item Search (KIS) Task of TRECVID 2012 with the interactive video retrieval engine VERGE. VERGE results achieved the second place, among the submissions made by all institutions participating to TRECVID 2012 KIS task (19 runs from 5 different institutions) with interactive systems.

Best moderated poster award at ESC 2012

The paper entitled "Plaques with increased lipid core and thin fibrous cap occur in coronary artery regions with low endothelial shear stress: A 3D Optical coherence tomography pilot study in human", which was presented in the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2012 (ESC 2012), received the "Best Moderated Poster" award. Read more here.

CERTH participated in the ImageCLEF 2012 Flickr photo annotation task


Social media mining and multimedia analysis research and applications

Seminar at the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP), University of Surrey, "Social media mining and multimedia analysis research and applications". The presentation slides of the seminar are available here.

Special Issue on Social Media as Sensors IEEE Transactions on Multimedia


SUBMISSION DUE DATE: 7-September-2012

Web 2.0 applications and social media have transformed the Web into an interactive sharing platform where users upload data and media, comment on and share this content within their social circles. Each content item is associated with an abundance of metadata and related information such as location, tags, comments, favourites, access patterns and logs etc. At the same time all this information is implicitly or explicitly interconnected based on various properties such as social links between users, groups, communities, etc. These properties transform social media to data sources of an extremely dynamic nature that reflect topics of interests, events, and the evolution of community opinion and focus. Social media offer a unique opportunity to structure and extract information and to benefit multiple areas ranging from computer vision to sociology and marketing.

International Workshop on Search Computing

An event organized by the Networked Media EC Unit and Media Search Cluster that will offer a unique opportunity for the discussion of the key research, business and socio-economic issues in search computing. It will also enable concrete networking occasion towards upcoming Call 10. Visit the Web page at:

Multimedia Group participates in the PANACEA project

The Multimedia Group participates in the nationally funded project PANACEA, which aims to build an intelligent recommendation system to effectively propose drug therapies that will support and facilitate health professionals, ensuring faster and safer administration of drugs. For this purpose, PANACEA will make use of Semantic Web technologies for the formal representation of the involved knowledge and to provide automated inference.

Mobile photo browsing and tagging demo won the demo award @ ICMR 2012

ClustTour, a city browsing and photo tagging mobile app, won the demo award at this year's International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR 2012) in Hong Kong. The app, which is available for free on the app store, supports efficient browsing and tagging of landmark and event photos. The application employs a hierarchical mode of exploration enabling zooming from the level of a city, through the level of an area/neighbourhood, down to the level of a specific spot. This navigation mechanism combined with photo clustering, and a dual map-list viewing mechanism, makes possible the browsing of hundreds of thousands of publicly available geotagged photos on a smartphone. To reduce clutter on the screen caused by the large number of markers on the map, an adaptive clustering strategy is employed. In addition to the advanced browsing capabilities, the application enables users to import their personal photos from Flickr and to easily annotate them by propagating to them metadata (location, tags) from the currently viewed object (area, landmark). The application currently supports more than 30 cities worldwide.

Live+Gov project presented at MOBIB 2012 - Pan European Partnership and Investment for Mobile Services.

In MOBIB2012 a two day conference that is gradually becoming a meeting point between SMEs, professional experts, corporate partners and venture capital investors interested in knowledge-sharing on strategic information, market opportunities and new business trends in the Mobile Value-Added Services industry, the ITI team had the opportunity to present the mobile-related technologies envisaged by the recently started EU-project Live+Gov (Reality Sensing, Mining and Augmentation

First MUMIA Training Summer School - Building Next Generation Search Systems

The first MUMIA training Summer school on "Building Next Generation Search Systems" is taking place at Olympiada, Chalkidiki, Greece on September 24-28, 2012.  The aim of Training School is to give participants grounding in the core topics that constitute the interdisciplinary area of Multilingual and Multifaceted Interactive Information Access. The school is a week-long event consisting of lecturers from MUMIA and invited speakers. Among them, Stefanos Vrochidis of ITI-CERTH will be giving a lecture on "Interactive Multimedia Search Systems".

The call for participation is available here.