LNCS Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence

Dr. Yiannis Kompatsiaris has become a member of the editorial board of LNCS Transactions on Computational Collective Intelligence

Call for Papers, Special Issue on "Real-life Events in Multimedia" of the Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP) Journal

Call for Papers, Special Issue on "Real-life Events in Multimedia: Detection, Representation, Retrieval, and Applications" of the Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP) Journal. Paper submission deadline: June 30, 2011. Extended to July 17, 2011.  Call for Papers in pdf format.

Video on cluster-based event and landmark detection published by IEEE

IEEE has published a video on the cluster-based event and landmark detection approach which was developed in our group. You can access the video here. The video is named "Cluster-Based Landmark and Event Detection on Tagged Photo Collections".

ClustTour presented in "A night in the future" event

ClustTour will be presented in the premises of NOESIS science museum in Thessaloniki during the event "A night in the future", in a session where new and transforming technologies will be presented.

CERTH-ITI and Ergobyte collaboration was selected as a successful knowledge exchange practice

CERTH-ITI and Ergobyte collaboration in the field of medical knowledge representation, reasoning and retrieval (a semantic repository of pharmaceutical knowledge regarding drug use and prescriptions) was selected as a successful knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange practice example by the INNOPOLIS project to be documented and presented in detail. The documentation and presentation will be carried out by the South-East European Research Centre (SEERC), a member of the INNOPOLIS consortium.


ClustTour valorisation

Clusttour was among the 40 technologies out of 150 presented selected as a mature technology for exploitation by the INTERVALUE platform. The INTERVALUE Platform supports the process of valorisation of research results. Here is ClustTour's entry.

Interview to Butterfly Europe about the next generation of social media

Yiannis Kompatsiaris gave an interview to Butterfly Europe regarding the project WeKnowIt and more generally the next generation of social media. You can read the interview here.

Best IJDWM 2010 Paper Award

The paper  "The Dynamics of Content Popularity in Social Media" by Symeon Papadopoulos, Athena Vakali and Yiannis Kompatsiaris received the best 2010 paper award by the International Journal of Data Warehousing and Mining (IJDWM) and will be nominated for the Annual Excellence in Research Journal Award in Database Technologies. 

Article pdf.

Journal website.

GPU-accelerated LIBSVM

A GPU-accelerated implementation of LIBSVM was released. This is a modification of the original LIBSVM that exploits the CUDA framework to significantly reduce processing time while producing identical results. GPU-accelerated LIBSVM gives a performance gain depending on the size of the input data set; this gain increases significantly when considering large data sets. More details and the software can be downloaded from http://mklab.iti.gr/project/GPU-LIBSVM

Book chapter on Collective Intelligence

A book chapter on Collective Intelligence titled "Emerging, Collective Intelligence for personal, organisational and social use" has been accepted for publication in Nik Bessis and Fatos Xhafa (eds.) Next Generation Data Technologies for Collective Computational Intelligence, Studies in Computational Intelligence” book series, Springer (2011)