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Sense the City


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Sense the City is an application that allows citizens to get real time information regarding the environmental conditions in their city. This information is retrieved from several sensors that "sense" the city providing environmental measurements, such as temperature and concentration of pollutants (e.g. CO, CO2, NO2) that affect the air quality.

Sense the City is a web based application that has been developed within the European Project PEOPLE, in close cooperation with the Municipality of Thermi and user groups. It is therefore a truly user-centered digital application, adapted to the needs of Municipalities and local communities. The application is available in Greek and English, and provides air quality and temperature information for the area of Thermi in Thessaloniki. The Information Technologies Institute - Multimedia Group developed this application in cooperation with Draxis company as a subconstractor of the Municipality of Thermi.

Visit this link to sense the city!

The application is a Joomla component, which is open source and available here.